Canada Giving Reports

We are delighted to launch the Canada Giving 2019 report, looking at how individuals give across Canada.

The Canada Giving 2019 report provides unique insight into how people give, their motivations and which causes they support.

Key findings include:

  • Around two-thirds (65%) report giving money in the past 12 months, either by donating to a charity, by giving to a church/religious organisation, or by sponsoring someone, which remains at a similar level seen in 2017 (59%);
  • Helping the poor was the most popular cause for Canadians to have donated to (29%), which has seen an increase since 2017 (26%);
  • The median amount donated or sponsored in the last year was C$150, rising from C$104 in 2017;
  • Men gave higher amounts than women over the last year;
  • Giving using cash was the most popular method of donation (44%);
  • „ Three in ten Canadians (30%) have volunteered in the last year, with religious organisations being the most popular cause (27%). This is consistent with the proportion who volunteered in 2017.
  • Almost three quarters (73%) believe that charities have had a positive impact on both their local communities and on Canada as a whole, while two thirds (65%) said they have had a positive impact internationally.

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