CAF CANADA ENABLES TAX-EFFECTIVE RESPONSE TO THE CORONAVIRUS GLOBAL PANDEMIC The coronavirus global pandemic has already impacted millions around the world, and continues to affect growing numbers of the global population everyday. Donors with CAF Canada can make tax-effective and fully compliant charitable contributions in support of CAF Canada projects implemented in collaboration with our partners that are mobilizing around the world to provide relief on the ground. 54 charities providing direct COVID-19 relief | 25 countries List updated regularly

As an organization committed to enabling cross-border philanthropy, CAF Canada stands ready to partner with Canadian donors wanting to support the ongoing relief efforts. Please reach out to us to discuss how you can support CAF Canada COVID-19 response efforts:

12 Months Later: The State Of The World’s Nonprofits | The Voice of Charities Facing COVID-19, Volume 7
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    Asociacion Conciencia Providing families with food aid; hygiene supplies and home care.  
  Australian Red Cross Providing psychological first aid training to local organizations to assist in managing current mental health and wellbeing issues in their communities; working to recruit and train volunteers to assist with food deliveries to vulnerable clients and recruiting additional caseworkers to meet the increasing needs of vulnerable migrants.
European Food Banks Federation Responding to urgent needs in food banks across 29 European Countries to recover, store and redistribute key food staples, groceries and hygiene products.  Also working to provide protective devices for volunteers and employees.  
  Fundacao ABH Providing food and economic support to low income families affected by the outbreak. Habitat para a Humanidade Executing emergency home repairs for 120 families in vulnerable communities in the municipality of Sao Paulo, eliminating the main precarious conditions that aggravate the transmission of COVID-19. The home repairs will be fully subsidized and aimed at families with at least one member of the vulnerable group, according to the following criteria: headed by women, with elderly, residents with chronic diseases and / or children, and with a monthly family income of up to USD 600.  
Regesh Family & Child Services Providing mental health trauma treatment for front line workers directly involved with COVID-19 patients and/or working to stop the spread of the virus. The Stop Community Food Centre Providing food to those in need through daily take away meal program (300+ meals/day); hamper delivery program (150+ meals/day) and an additional 50+ provided through our weekly Healthy Beginnings Program for expectant and new mothers. Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation Providing PPE to individuals working to fight the coronavirus as well as providing medical equipment and technology to help the medical staff be prepared to serve the community and for patients to be able to communicate with the nurses and their families (i.e. ICU beds, NICU cardiac monitors, defibrillators, baby monitors, iPads). Also providing outpatient care for those post COVID-19. STARS Air Ambulance Providing ventilator circuits and PPE for our nurses, paramedics, transport physicians and pilots.  
  Berliner Tafel  Distributing food to those in need once per week; funding would be used for food, hand sanitizer, PPE and to rent more vehicles with refrigeration available to keep food fresh and safe to consume. Philipps-University Marburg Providing relief funding for students who face financial difficulties due to the Corona pandemic, enabling needy students to still participate in the digital lectures and seminars by purchasing computers and other technology equipment.  
Hong Kong
Feeding Hong Kong Sourcing, packing and delivering emergency food packs to frontline agencies supporting vulnerable seniors and families.  

CANDLE Project work would focus on providing basic food items (rice, vegetables, cooking oil), toothpaste and; mask, soaps and sanitizers to approximately 76 families in the Kamaraj Nagar Village. HelpAge India Providing PPE for health workers, and distributing hygiene and dry ration kits to the elderly. Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust Providing a Quarantine Center and quarantining materials/medical supplies (n95 masks, bouffant caps, disposable bed sheets, PPE overalls, etc) to the Anantapur District Administrative Authorities. The Avasar Foundation Providing free distribution of PPE kits to healthcare workers; as well as distributing groceries and cash transfers to daily wage workers. Visthar Trust Providing essential survival kits consisting of food, water and medicines to the marginalised and impoverished people in villages in both Bangalore and Koppal Districts (supporting 400 families). Also working to raise awareness about the coronoavirus through phone calls, Whatsapp, pamphlets and more.

CanSupport Providing free home palliative care for underserved cancer patients and caregivers; providing needed support during COVID-19.

Yayasan Fajar Sejahtera Indonesia (YAFSI) Distributing food; hygiene kits and homemade masks to vulnerable community  members; also providing portable hand washing facilities and health promotion and education. Yayasan Plan International Indonesia Providing medical supplies and hygiene items to vulnerable individuals and communities affected by the coronavirus outbreak.  
  Focus Ireland Provide support to individuals who are currently homeless or who will be at risk for becoming homeless within the next year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Funds would go towards employing three flexi-support workers to aid in the response efforts and deal with the aftermath of the pandemic; providing counseling and overnight accommodation services. Third Age Providing mental health support and outbreak information for seniors and non-English speaking migrants.    
Federazione Italiana degli Organismi per le Persone senza Dimora (aka fio.PSD) Providing beneficiaries and social workers with PPE items and training; and providing basic items and support to people without homes to keep them safe and occupied during the coronavirus emergency. Italian Red Cross Recruiting and training temporary volunteers to assist with home deliveries of groceries, medicines and basic necessities; checking temperatures of passengers arriving at local airports.  The organization as a whole is providing support and relief throughout the country as needed by providing medical support and working to make basic services (food and care) available to those who are most exposed to the coronavirus. Associazione Banco Alimentare del Piemonte Providing food aid in the Piedmont region of Italy. Una Muno per un Sorriso Addressing the pandemic threat raising awareness of COVID-19 mitigation and prevention measures and providing people with masks; specifically working in a Syrian refugee camp of Babl al salam at the border with Turkey to help provide people with masks, carbon, blankets and warm clothes & supporting the only pediatric clinic inside the camp.      
Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management (A-PAD) Providing medical supplies and support to hospitals in the most affected Prefectures in China and Japan; but also supporting relief efforts in Philippines and Sri Lanka. Second Harvest Japan Providing emergency food to households in need through both our food pantries (1,000+ families per week) and hot meal program (18,000 meals per month). Family House Keeping families who have children under treatment for intractable diseases at our institution to keep them safe and healthy; enhance our online community care services to provide counseling to those in need of support    
  Nashulai Maasai Conservancy “Nashulai’s COVID-19 Community Support Project” The project helps secure food for approximately 5,000 individuals, including 2,000 within the Conservancy and 3,000 in the neighbouring villages. To enable sourcing food locally, the project supports community efforts to plant vegetable gardens and set up greenhouses. Nashulai Maasai Conservancy provides educational materials to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, distributes hand sanitizers, and provides a safe place for anyone needing to be quarantined while they recover from the virus.    
Lebanese Red Cross Providing personal protective equipment (PPE) to frontline volunteers; and helping with costs associated with replacing ambulances that are 10+ years old.  
  Alimento Para Todos I.A.P. Providing food support to 6200 families who have been affected in some way by the coronavirus crisis. Asociacion Mexicana de Bancos de Alimentos, A.C. Ensuring continuity of food supply for those facing economic hardship or shortages. Cruz Roja Mexicana Implementing “The National Response and Bio-contingency Plan” and launching a communication campaign, about personal health-care and prevention for COVID19 symptoms. The campaign will be shared within the most vulnerable communities. Fundacion del Empresariado Yucateco AC Promoting good sanitary habits and equipping local schools and health center with sanitary materials for contagion of the coronavirus; also providing food aid to the population in socioeconomic vulnerability; promoting a social bond of solidarity Procura Providing frontline health staff of Public Hospitals with medical items and, we will be supplying them with food once the medical supply requirements are fulfilled.  Save the Children Mexico (Fundacion Mexicana de Apoyo Infantil A.C.) Providing hygiene kits to families in need    
New Zealand
  Relief Aid Reducing family vulnerability by conducting distributions of shelter and sanitation items to families displaced by fighting into camps in Northern Syria. The Covid-19 Project work is providing basic household materials such as tarpaulins allowing families to safely create separate living spaces when sharing shelters and tents. The distribution of blankets, water storage containers and cooking sets ensures families have access to safe water and household items free of the virus. We are also purchasing sanitation and hand washing items such as soap, wash basins and other hygiene items.  
Philippine Business for Social Progress Providing food packs for approximately 60,000 urban poor families; and personal protective equipment (PPE) sets to frontliners. Rose Colored Glasses International Providing basic food items (rice, vegetables, oil and canned goods) to those affected by the coronavirus crisis.    
Food Bank Singapore Providing up to 5,000 cooked meals; as well as food rations and personal hygiene products to people in need daily.  
South Africa
African Angels Helping to source food parcels for our community members and those most at risk. Clouds of Hope Provide food parcels to families who have been without pay during the current coronavirus crisis Southern Cape Educational Trust ( aka KNYSNA Education Trust) Providing support to three main areas: food to vulnerable children within the school district and neighbouring towns; distributing educational packs with resources and activities for the children to continue learning at home; assisting teachers who have temporarily lost their salaries due to the COVID-19 pandemic by providing resources available to receive support/financial aid St. Joseph’s Home Essential hospital providing care to children living with life threatening and/or limiting conditions: HIV, TB, burn survivors, TBI’s, physical abuse and/or malnutrition. Project funding would go towards keeping the kitchen open and feeding the children, which currently is serving at least 300 meals/day. Clouds of Hope Provide food parcels to families who have been without pay during the current coronavirus crisis Southern Cape Educational Trust ( aka KNYSNA Education Trust) Providing support to three main areas: food to vulnerable children within the school district and neighbouring towns; distributing educational packs with resources and activities for the children to continue learning at home; assisting teachers who have temporarily lost their salaries due to the COVID-19 pandemic by providing resources available to receive support/financial aid.  
Cruz Roja Espanola Disseminate prevention and containment measures, identifying concerns and beliefs to clarify hoaxes and false news, expand health capacities supporting the health system, and education and employment support. Manos de Ayuda Social Providing fresh made meals and non-perishable food items to 140+ families who cannot make ends meet; due to poor economic conditions stemming from the coronavirus pandemic  
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Red Cross Providing educational materials to the public regarding the methods of curtailing the coronavirus epidemic; as well as disbursing personal protection equipment (PPE) to institutions throughout the country and promoting personal hygiene.  
International Social Service Providing food and basic amenities to vulnerable families and day care centres; as well as distributing protective material and disinfectant gel to old people homes and providing mental health care to those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  
United Kingdom
King’s College Hospital Charity “Covid-19 King’s College Hospital Charity – Supporting the COVID Response Project” The project is providing a range of items to help minimize the stress being felt by both the patients and the medical staff at the Hospital. Patients are being given access to aromatherapy diffusers and communication tools such as phones and tablets to be able to have unlimited access to their families and loved ones who cannot be at their bedside; as well as “goodie bags” filled with toiletries, nice body washes, puzzles, coulouring books, pens/paper. Staff members are being provided with “Hero Boxes” containing toiletries, snacks and drinks to help them get through their 12 hour shifts. SalGO Assist Working with partners in India, specifically Bapatla town and surrounding villages, to assist the community and provide weekly distributions of rice, dal, cooking oil, fruit and vegetables (when available) and soap.  
United States
  LifeNet International Training and equipping health facilities (approximately 220) in Burundi, DRC, Uganda and Malawi to ensure the facilities are able to provide high quality healthcare to all and to prevent, diagnose and properly treat patients with COVID-19 symptoms. International Medical Corps Working with the WHO to leverage its relationships with local and national ministries of health in more than 30 countries to provide expertise, equipment, training, and triage and treatment services