In an increasingly connected world, CAF Canada is committed to enabling diasporas across the world to donate to their home communities in a safe, easy, and effective manner.

We recognize that all diasporas are unique and within each are hundreds and thousands of individuals with their own goals and passions. That is why we are planning a flexible approach with the Diaspora Gives Program, which encompasses various philanthropic giving models tailored to fit the needs of each diaspora group.

Diasporas often give back through informal channels, foregoing a tax-deduction and risking their money falling into the wrong hands. By making it safe, easy and effective for Canadian donors to fund international philanthropic projects, CAF Canada is able to not only provide diasporans with a tax-deduction, but can ensure that their donations are compliant with relevant regulations, that any risks they have been mitigated, and that their reputation is protected.

If you are a diaspora member and are interested in learning more about our Diaspora Gives Program, please contact us at info@cafcanada.ca or call our offices at 416-362-2261.




Diaspora Gives Bangladesh (DGB)

Diaspora Gives Bangladesh is the cornerstone initiative of CAF America’s Diaspora Program.  DGB aims to catalyze philanthropic capital from the Bangladeshi diaspora in the U.S. and Canada to strengthen civil society and social enterprise in Bangladesh. For more information about DGB, please visit diagives.org.

Download the DGB Onepager here.





Diaspora Philanthropy Summit – A Partnership Between CAF America and CAF Canada

The Diaspora Philanthropy Summit took place on November 2-3, 2017 in Washington D.C., bringing together diaspora groups from  U.S. and Canada committed to contributing to the development of their home communities through charitable giving.

Delegates shared their plans to engage and/or inspire fellow diasporans while learning from CAF America’s, CAF Canada’s, and other delegates’ various models and programs for focusing tax-effective support towards validated charities and projects in their established or ancestral homeland.