Türkiye and Syria Earthquake Relief

On February 6, a powerful, 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck south-central Türkiye and northern Syria. The earthquake caused tens of thousands of reported deaths as buildings collapsed across the affected region. This is the deadliest earthquake to have hit the region in over twenty years and is among the most powerful ever recorded in Turkey.

Aid from the international community will be essential to supporting both immediate needs and long-term recovery. Both Türkiye and Syria were already experiencing economic instability, which this disaster will only further exacerbate. Syria’s twelve-year civil war has left the country devastated, with millions of refugees fleeing to neighboring countries. Türkiye is also facing an unprecedented economic crisis with 85 percent inflation, making over two-thirds of Turks struggle to pay for food and rent. With vulnerable populations affected and needs outpacing resources, it is imperative that the international community send humanitarian aid that is both rapid and extensive.

As we look to build that response, we know that giving in this region can be challenging and must be done with great care and diligence. CAF Canada is committed to supporting the vital relief efforts underway to recover from this devastating disaster.

As an organization committed to enabling cross-border charitable giving, CAF Canada stands ready to assist Canadian donors wanting to support the ongoing relief efforts. Please reach out to us if there is anything we can do to assist you: info@cafcanada.ca or 416-362-2261.

CAF Canada Relief Campaign

CAF Canada set up this Fund to support projects with organizations providing immediate humanitarian aid and long-term support for the people affected by the February 6, 2023 earthquake in Türkiye and Syria. CAF Canada is in conversations with multiple fully-vetted organizations responding to the earthquake. As project details are finalized, we will update this space with additional information. This campaign will support projects at CAF Canada’s discretion.