Canadian Budget Act Allows for Expansion of Charitable Activities

Listen to our podcast that answers your questions on the "Changes to Canada's Charity Regulation"7/13/22 The Budget Implementation Act No. 1 (Amended 2022) (the Act), which governs the Canadian national budget and associated matters, was given royal assent on June 23,...

From Factory Farms to Finding Sanctuary

Founded in 1986, Farm Sanctuary, has spent decades fighting to bring farm animal welfare into the mainstream consciousness of Americans. The organization provides sanctuary to tens of thousands of animals and follows each animal from rescue to rehabilitation to...

Making Cross-Cultural Connections in Mexico

Human Connections is a nonprofit committed to breaking down cultural barriers in an age in which ultra-nationalism is on the rise. The organization operates in the Bahia de Banderas region of Mexico, connecting local microentrepreneurs and artisans with international...

From Factory Farms to Finding Sanctuary

Farm Sanctuary is a nonprofit that has spent decades fighting to bring farm animal welfare into the mainstream consciousness of Americans. The organization provides sanctuary to tens of thousands of animals and follows each animal from rescue to rehabilitation to refuge.

Making Cross-Cultural Connections in Mexico

Human Connections is a nonprofit committed to breaking down cultural barriers. The organization operates in the Bahia de Banderas region of Mexico, connecting local microentrepreneurs and artisans with international visitors through day tours and student programs.


Advancing LGBTI Rights on a Global Level

Across the globe, members of the LGBTI community continue to experience discrimination and numerous forms of abuse. While there has been substantial progress in the social acceptance of this diverse group over the last decade, a long path remains for public policy to actualize LGBTIQ equity, inclusion, and equal rights.

Providing Education through Remote Internet Hubs

Around 258 million, or one in five children worldwide are out of school according to a 2018 UNESCO report. The impacts of a life with little to no education are far-reaching and affect everything from nutrition to future employability. As low-income youth race toward a future of increased social stratification, access to education has never been more critically important to breaking the cycle of poverty.

A Task Force for Street Children in the Philippines

According to a new UNICEF and Save the Children analysis, the number of children living in poverty has climbed to roughly 1.2 billion since the COVID-19 pandemic began, a 15% increase, or an additional 150 million children since the virus was declared a global crisis.

Conserving Natural and Cultural Resources During COVID-19

The word mara—meaning spotted in the Maasai language—describes the landscape of short, bushy trees dotting the Maasai Mara Reserve in western Kenya. While this region is marveled for its rich ecosystem and revered as the cradle of civilization, the way of life for inhabitants of the great Kenyan savanna is under threat from pressures including poaching, human-wildlife conflict, habitat degradation and loss, and now COVID-19.

Living Oceans Society Creates a Sea Change in British Columbia

The consequences of unsustainable global economic growth manifest in countless ways, one of the most obvious being the endless amount of solid waste littering our landscapes and washing up on our shores. In the case of a small village on the central coast of British Columbia in Canada, a community is thinking globally through its local actions and having an outsized impact through its example.

Project Hope Delivers Prosthetics Support to Belize

In the small Caribbean nation of Belize, with a population of under a half-million, 150 to 175 people undergo amputations each year as a result of disease, accidents, or violence. A lack of resources, services, and expertise makes acquiring and maintaining prostheses exceedingly difficult for amputees, particularly in rural areas. Fortunately for many affected Belizeans, foreign NGOs are delivering this life-changing healthcare service through their medical missions.

Advancing a Social Narrative with Pride in Nigeria

The Initiative for Equal Rights (TIERs), a Nigerian nonprofit established in 2005, is a leading advocacy organization challenging the government’s discriminatory policies. TIERs works to build a society where human rights are guaranteed to all, regardless of status, identity, orientation, or affiliation.

Strong Women, Strong Communities

Since 2010, human trafficking has shown a steady rise globally. Despite best efforts to fight this trend, certain areas around the world remain known as hotspots for trafficking activities. India has been at the forefront of this ongoing battle for human rights.

Putting Mental Health at the Top of Mind

Mental health problems affect nearly every person on earth at some point in their life. They negatively impact our cognitive, emotional, and behavioral well-being and can lead to isolation, depression, and suicide. Despite the near-universal prevalence of such issues, an alarming amount of people decline to ever seek help. In some damning statistics, suicide is currently the 10th leading cause of death in the United States, has risen by 11% in the last year in the UK,  and the second leading cause of death for people between the ages of 15-29 worldwide.

Providing Financial Opportunity in Rural Uganda

In Uganda, as few as 1-in-3 girls attend secondary school. This statistic becomes even starker taking only women living in rural areas into account. Without some degree of higher education, many of these girls will work physical labour and eventually be married off for their families gain. To avoid such a fate in a male-dominated society, education is absolutely critical to give girls a leg-up and shift the gender balance. With one of the highest population growth rates in the world, Uganda has more girls & women with more to lose than ever before.

Developing Young Artists

What does art mean to you? For some, art is an escape. To others, it is the purest form of human self expression. And for some, art is simply an abstract concept – a forgettable school course. Whether you know it or not, art plays a role in your life every day. It is in our fashion, our advertisements, our architecture. Art is an integral part of our cultural identity and acts as a manifestation of the zeitgeist. By drawing in young people to experience art and engage in art-focused forums , the ICA nurtures the next generation of artists and gives them a holistic platform to grow and to hone their skills.

Turtley Successful Rehabilitation

Oceans and seas cover more than two-thirds of the planet’s surface. The amazing and diverse ecosystems that thrive in earth’s waters are a vital barometer of its overall health. Worryingly, in the past century or so, these ecosystems have felt the brunt of the devastating effects of pollution and climate change.

Ending Violence Towards Women

More than 1 in 3 women have experienced violence. These figures can vary from society to society, but what appears to be universally applicable is that poverty and violence often go together. Despite recent global outcries against violence towards women, it happens in every society and not enough is being done to put and end to the problem.

Simply Saving Lives

Healthcare is a universal need—especially in times of emergency. This is certainly true in the city of Acapulco (Guerrero, Mexico) and surrounding rural areas, where a population of over 1,000,000 people reside in varying socioeconomic circumstances. Acapulco, known for its beaches, is a national and international tourist destination, which causes a constant influx and outflux of people to and from the city every weekend. This leads to a high number of emergency cases among visitors, in addition to the needs of the local populace.

Encouraging Stewardship and Recreation at Lake Champlain

The Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center (CSC), based in Burlington, Vermont, is a community-based nonprofit which acts as a hub for Burlington and the surrounding areas. In addition to providing access to the lake, the CSC hosts its own programs and community initiatives to provide educational resources and recreational opportunities to its over 7,000 members. CSC’s signature programs are tailored specifically to engage student groups, at-risk youth, women and girls, and individuals with disabilities.

Preserving World Heritage Sites

Studying our history and reflecting on the past is a unique human prerogative which allows us to learn from our mistakes and build on our wisdom. Overall as a species, we have a great appreciation for our past and a sense of pride in what we have achieved; the physical relics of our past are a testament to the diversity of our cultures and the evolution of our abilities. Careful conservation of these relics allows modern people to celebrate human brilliance, potentially in perpetuity, and will one day allow future generations to admire today’s achievements

CANDLE: The Goats Project

The Community Action, Development, Liberative, and Education (CANDLE) is an organization which aims to lift widowed Indian women of lower castes, including the dalit (untouchable) class, to a new era of economic prosperity, sustainability, empowerment, and pride. Over the past year, the organization with the support of donor funds from CAF Canada was able  to work towards achieving this goal through a project focused on providing widowed women with goats as a means to better their livelihood.