Ending Violence Towards Women

AMOUNT RECEIVED: $90,000 CAD Anticipated Project Completion Date: December 2018 More than 1 in 3 women have experienced violence. These figures can vary from society to society, but what appears to be universally applicable is that poverty and violence often go...
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Simply Saving Lives: Cruz Roja Mexicana

Project Recipient: Cruz Roja Mexicana Project Amount: 9,200 CAD Healthcare is a universal need—especially in times of emergency. This is certainly true in the city of Acapulco (Guerrero, Mexico) and surrounding rural areas, where a population of over 1,000,000 people...
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Developing Young Artists

Project Recipient: Institute of Contemporary Arts Project Amount: $293,850.09 CAD What does art mean to you? For some, art is an escape. To others, it is the purest form of human self expression. And for some, art is simply an abstract concept – a forgettable...
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Preserving World Heritage Sites

Studying our history and reflecting on the past is a unique human prerogative which allows us to learn from our mistakes and build on our wisdom. Overall as a species, we have a great appreciation for our past and a sense of pride in what we have achieved; the physical relics of our past are a testament to the diversity of our cultures and the evolution of our abilities. Careful conservation of these relics allows modern people to celebrate human brilliance, potentially in perpetuity, and will one day allow future generations to admire today’s achievements

Encouraging Stewardship and Recreation at Lake Champlain

The Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center (CSC), based in Burlington, Vermont, is a community-based nonprofit which acts as a hub for Burlington and the surrounding areas. In addition to providing access to the lake, the CSC hosts its own programs and community initiatives to provide educational resources and recreational opportunities to its over 7,000 members. CSC’s signature programs are tailored specifically to engage student groups, at-risk youth, women and girls, and individuals with disabilities.

CANDLE: The Goats Project

The Community Action, Development, Liberative, and Education (CANDLE) is an organization which aims to lift widowed Indian women of lower castes, including the dalit (untouchable) class, to a new era of economic prosperity, sustainability, empowerment, and pride. Over the past year, the organization with the support of donor funds from CAF Canada was able  to work towards achieving this goal through a project focused on providing widowed women with goats as a means to better their livelihood.