The Voice of Charities During COVID-19 | Volume 8

November 08, 2021

In its eighth COVID-19 survey conducted in August 2021, CAF America polled 436 charitable organizations operating in 5 countries to report on their current status and outlook for the future.

Key Findings Include

  • Smaller charities are more fragile. Small charities (with 1-5 employees) are 57% more likely to say they are struggling than larger organizations.
  • Fundraising has changed. There has been a move toward more distributed, online fundraising. In CAF America’s 2021 report The Face of Charities During COVID-19, 49.4% of survey respondents reported that they created new digital donation opportunities for donors.
  • Charities have learned the importance planning for disasters. Charities have learned the importance of planning for disasters, but donors need to learn how to make grants to support charities as they build their resilience. Donor should consider offering resilience funding.

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