From Factory Farms to Finding Sanctuary

July 08, 2022

Founded in 1986, Farm Sanctuary, has spent decades fighting to bring farm animal welfare into the mainstream consciousness of Americans. The organization provides sanctuary to tens of thousands of animals and follows each animal from rescue to rehabilitation to refuge. A typical day at Farm Sanctuary entails fielding calls from humane societies, animal regulation and law enforcement authorities which then lead to rescue operations, daily nutrition and medication for the animals, veterinary care, physical therapy, cleaning and grooming- the list goes on. Suffice to say, this NGOs work is not for the faint of heart. 

Many animals that arrive at Farm Sanctuary, an NGO based in Watkins Glen, NY, have endured the most inhumane environments and practices including debeaking, genetic alterations, and over-breeding. Farm Sanctuary welcomes these animals and provides them a happy and healthy life in a new home free from exploitation. Since 2014, the organization has received nearly U$ 200,000 USD in contributions from various donors through CAF Canada. Most recently, Farm Sanctuary launched their “Rescue & Refuge Program” at their Watkins Glen, New York and Acton, California locations. CAF Canada’s support has enabled the organization to provide lifesaving care for farm animals permanently residing at these locations. 

Not only does Farm Sanctuary provide care to these animals, but they also educate people that visit their sanctuaries from all over the world. These visits transform the animals into ambassadors for those like them that are still enduring inhumane conditions in factory farms. Animals that are saved through their Rescue & Refuge Program have the opportunity to transform the way that “livestock” are viewed by the average individual. This program allows for people to view animals as they are “sentient and intelligent individuals who form strong bonds; experience pain, fear and joy; and who – just like all other creatures on this planet – have the will and desire to live free from suffering.” 

“Behind each one of these numbers are the names and faces of sentient, intelligent beings, their stories varied, but connected by common themes of survival, resilience and the will to live.”

Farm Sanctuary acknowledges that in this field of work, their efforts must be impact-driven and comprehensive in order to realize their full potential and truly change a world so set in its ways. Therefore, their Rescue & Refuge Program has multiple components outside of its core mission – one of which is their Farm Animal Adoption Network (FAAN). FAAN is a critical component due to its role in sourcing and placing animals in new, safe homes. Farm Sanctuary traveled over 18,500 miles to rescue, place, and transport their animals in 2021 alone.

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