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International funding may be essential to meet your foundation’s philanthropic goals, but it can also be complicated, time-consuming, and costly. By partnering with CAF Canada, you can expand your impact footprint to foreign charities without the substantial investment in staff and training required to ensure full legal compliance.

We manage compliance and administration for you

From validating charitable status to navigating foreign countries’ regulations, we manage regulatory compliance, mitigate potential risks, and protect your reputation.

Together with our partners at CAF America, we maintain a database of 3,000+ pre-approved charity partners in over 100 countries. When you donate through our trusted network, your donations will go further to fund impactful projects.

We also eliminate the administrative burden associated with granting to non-Canadian beneficiaries and offer tailored solutions to community, private, and family foundations.

Enjoy more flexibility in your giving

CAF Canada’s support for your foundation’s giving will be proportional to the volume and size of your international grantmaking activity. Make periodic single gifts or open an International Project Fund so you can advise multiple grants and maximize your impact.

Receive real-time updates

If you have an existing grant management platform, CAF Canada’s technical experts will integrate our system with yours. This allows us to provide real-time updates about your grantmaking activities, including the vetting status of your advised grantees and your available balance.

Track your impact

CAF Canada can tailor your program to include data collection and reporting that measures the impact of your programs and supports reporting and analysis. We will also map your funding to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), allowing you to track against a global standard.

Give to challenging markets

Our staff has decades of experience facilitating international giving to 135 countries. We can navigate complex recipient country regulations and will ensure your contributions go where they are intended, with full regulatory compliance.

Make a Gift Today

With CAF Canada, you can confidently make a donation to support an established fund or a validated international project.

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