Foreign Nonprofits

Access Tax-Effective Charitable Donations from Canadian Donors


By becoming eligible with CAF Canada, your foreign charitable organization can receive tax-effective donations from Canadian donors without the burden of creating and maintaining a separate organization. Instead, you can focus your time and energy on donor engagement and fundraising.

The eligibility process

Your organization must submit a complete, signed eligibility application form, known as the Project Eligibility Application (PEA). CRA regulations require a specific structure for international project agreements, which you can learn more about here.

In addition to the general application, an organization will be asked to sign a project agreement and supply a number of documents, including:

  • Governing documents
  • Financial documents
  • Independent verification of mission
  • List of current directors and/or trustees
  • Proof of charitable or not-for-profit status (if applicable)

Once CAF Canada receives your completed, signed PEA and supporting documents, our grants team begins an extensive review of the organization, as required by law.

From the date we receive a completed application, a review generally takes between 4–6 weeks.

Creating a Friends Fund

By opening a Friends Fund at CAF Canada, your foreign charitable organization can launch and maintain fundraising appeals and solicit tax-deductible donations of any size from Canadian donors.

Not only does a Fund save your organization money, it also eliminates the time-consuming challenge of establishing and administering a public charity in Canada.

Make a Gift Today

With CAF Canada, you can confidently make a donation to support an established fund or a validated international project.

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