Legacy & Estate Giving

Leave a Charitable Legacy on a Global Scale



Donors may choose to leave a gift or create a customized International Project Fund to support charitable projects and organizations around the world.

Option 1: Make a Legacy Gift

You may name CAF Canada as a beneficiary of your will or estate and instruct your Executor to communicate your grant advice once CAF Canada receives the gift. Under this option, the responsibility to ensure that we follow the correct grant advice rests with the Executor.

Option 2: Create a Legacy International Project Fund (IPF)

Establishing a Legacy IPF at CAF Canada streamlines the process of giving, because you may use the Fund to advise grants to both domestic and foreign organizations.

Once you set up a IPF, you name the Fund as the beneficiary of your will or estate and designate standing grant advice for any donations made into the Fund.

The IPF remains inactive until the first contribution is made into it, at which point CAF Canada will carry out the standing philanthropic advice. Funds may be advised during your lifetime or after your passing.

You may designate friends or family members as Advisors to the IPF, as part of a legacy plan to engage the next generation in philanthropic giving.

Or, you may designate CAF Canada as the Fund Advisor. In this case, you do not need to name a specific grantee but simply leave instructions based on your philanthropic goals. We will then use our extensive network, decades of experience, and knowledge of the regulatory landscape to ensure the Fund achieves its intended impact.

Donors may choose between four strategies for advising their Legacy IPF:

  • Disburse the entirety of the Fund to a designated organization
  • Make regular grants from the Fund to a designated organization or group of organizations to create lasting impact
  • Advise grants to a specific issue area and/or geography
  • Create a unique plan for the grantmaking or investment of the Fund developed in partnership with CAF Canada and based on your preferences and philanthropic goals

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