Charitable Objects

CAF Canada has a series of ten CRA-approved charitable objects that define what we can fund. They are:

Public Education

Public Education

  • Relieve poverty and advance education in developing countries by providing educational programs and workshops to underprivileged persons.
  • Advance the education of students by providing books, equipment and educational aids and by establishing and operating schools and libraries.
  • Support education for the general public by providing courses, seminars, public art exhibitions and workshops in the fields of music, dance, literature, and performing and visual arts.
Health Care + Public Health

Health Care and Public Health

  • Relieve poverty and advance health care in developing countries by providing basic amenities, including food, clothing, shelter, pharmaceuticals, medical care and other basic supplies to persons in need.
  • Promote public health through the provision of medical services and medical supplies to the public.
  • Advance education and knowledge through conducting medical research and publicly disseminating the results of any such studies and undertakings.
Animals + the Environment

Animals and the Environment

  • Promote the welfare of animals for the benefit of the public by providing assistance, protection, rescue or rehabilitation to animals in need of human assistance;
  • To protect the environment for the benefit of the public by reducing pollution, conserving or restoring ecosystems and biodiversity and saving, supporting, protecting, or assisting stressed or endangered forms of life (including plant and animal life);
Human Rights

Human Rights

  • Uphold human rights around the world in accordance with the United Nations human rights covenants, conventions and protocols; International Labour Organization conventions; and the Geneva Conventions and protocols by:
    • Preparing and disseminating reports on issues related to human rights
    • Holding workshops, conferences and seminars on human rights that are open to the public
    • Providing aid and assistance to victims of human rights abuses.
Human Rights

Qualified Donees

  • Gift funds to qualified donees as defined in subsection 149.1(1) of the Income Tax Act.